In the vast realm of, our offerings stretch wide, touching most corners of the globe. However, there are lands where our shipments do not tread. It’s with a heavy heart that we inform our patrons in the following South American territories: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela, that our shipments do not make their way to these shores.

Money has taken many forms over the years, but for our patrons, old and new, we accept payments through established channels like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, and the venerable American Express.

The dance of shipping has its nuances. Although we venture far and wide, some places remain beyond our reach. We faithfully deliver to PO Boxes, reminiscent of the steadfast postmen of yore, but the addresses of the Military elude us.

The cost of the voyage? It moves to the tune of the destination and the weight of the treasures you select. The cart, in its wisdom, will share this secret before you part with your coins. On our home turf, the United States, a cycle of 7-10 days sees the goods delivered for an initial fee of $4.99 for the first item. Each subsequent piece adds another dollar to the tally. Venture beyond our borders, and the charge starts at $5.99, with the dance of the extra dollar still in play.

Time, our constant companion, dictates the rhythm of arrival. The distance and any special care an item demands play their parts. On native soil, trusted allies like Yun Express or USPS bear our banner. But further afield, the mantle passes to your local heralds. Bear in mind, the specter of COVID-19 has added uncertainty to these times, potentially extending the wait.

A singular order seeks a singular destination. For those wishing to scatter their purchases like seeds in the wind, each must have its order.

Regarding taxes and the demands of old, we steer clear. Yet, your homeland might levy its own toll. A chat with local custodians of customs might prove enlightening.

Should misfortune mar your treasure upon arrival, send word and a picture. We vow to set things right.

Second thoughts? The sands of the first 2 hours provide safe harbor. Beyond that, the shifting tides claim a fifth of the sum. Once our course is set, turning back is not an option.

Tracking, like anticipation, requires patience. Sometimes, the first signs are slow to emerge. But rest assured, the journey is underway.