On Canceling An Order

In the heartland of CozyPlushies.com, time moves swiftly. The wheels of commerce turn promptly, each order snatched up and readied for its voyage. Yet, even in our rush, there’s a brief window, a span of two hours, where a change of heart is acknowledged without cost, given the reasons stand true. Beyond this fleeting moment, a fee takes hold – one fifth of the order’s value – because, by then, the forces at work have embraced your request.

It should be noted that once the two hours have slipped by, our hands are bound, and free changes are no longer a possibility. And as for the funds that change hands, any repayments owing to cancellations will be set on their path back to you within a day’s cycle.

Returning and Exchanging

There’s an inherent hope in each transaction – the hope of satisfaction. Yet, sometimes the world falls short. Should your purchase not resonate with your heart’s desires, you may send it back from whence it came within a fortnight, as long as it remains untouched, tags intact.

Valid reasons for a return journey:

  • A discrepancy in what was promised and what arrived.
  • An unseen flaw.
  • A mistake birthed from our hands.

However, errors of judgment concerning size, especially when guides were laid bare, fall outside our purview.

To set this right, reach out to our stewards at [email protected]. With their blessing, you may embark on the return journey, following the markers they set. The cycle of returns spins within a week’s time, and your dues are returned in the manner they were given, though the exact moment varies by the banks that govern such affairs.

On The Conditions of Return

The items discounted to hasten their sale have had their fates sealed and shall not be returned or swapped. All returns should wear their past lightly, untouched by time and wear. A fortnight is the window of opportunity for such matters. Beyond it, no guarantees are given.

Do remember, some treasures, like those gifted or marked non-returnable, stay their course and can’t be sent back. And a word of caution: ensure our stewards know of your intent before you send any goods. The unsuspecting return might find no harbor.

Regarding Refunds

Proof, like memories, holds value. Upon receiving yours, we’ll reflect and reach a decision within the span of a few days. Should the winds favor you, your dues are returned, save for a small fee, a fifth of a tenth of your sum, for the dance of commerce must be honored.

Wishing to steer the course of a return? Send a message via the channels known, and expect our reply as the sun rises and sets.

Lastly, heed this: returns should not trace their journey back to the address found on the parcel. That’s a path that leads astray.

May your shopping ventures be filled with joy.